A note of thanks for a beautiful wedding ceremony. Every part of it was meaningful and special. I loved the way you engaged the guests in the ceremony and made us feel as one. It was everything I had hoped for.


Thank you for caring so much about my son and daughter-in-law to make their wedding service absolutely beautiful. I am still thinking about it these many weeks later. The ceremony was very spiritual and yet down-to-earth. My whole family enjoyed the ritual because you explained each symbol. I felt very proud and I know my son was deeply touched. He and his wife certainly have a good start together.


I can't thank you enough for giving our family a wonderful beginning in marrying my daughter and son-in-law. Your generous giving of yourself helped to make the occasion a truly spiritual experience. We were very lucky to have found you. We feel much love for you. I have been getting calls all week from my son-in-law's family commenting on the warmth and welcome of the wedding, in no small way thanks to you.


Thank you for making my daughter's wedding so special. The ceremony was beautiful, thoughtful, and spiritual. Your singing was also wonderful. Everybody on both sides, Jewish and non-Jewish, found it very meaningful and was full of compliments. I believe you started them off on a good path.

Tracy and Ted

Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding! You made our wedding so meaningful and beautiful for both of us. We are so grateful for your support and guidance during the planning stage and your wonderful presence and words at the ceremony. It was the best day of our lives so far. We both feel blessed that you were such an important part of it.