Interfaith Weddings

A wedding ceremony that includes traditions from both of your families will speak to your hearts as well as those of your family and friends. There are often rituals that each family has historically experienced that are worthwhile to include in your ceremony. We can incorporate readings, poetry, garments, flowers, music, and sacred actions into a ceremony that is uniquely YOU!

Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is your opportunity to vacation with family and friends while celebrating your wedding at the same time! So much fun for everyone together, and a wonderful time to connect and enjoy each other’s company in an exotic location. Lots of logistical coordination, of course.

Since destination weddings involve more time at the venue for Rabbi Wendy, she often coordinates extra learning activities on other days in addition to the wedding ceremony. These include meditation, discussions, spiritual nature walks, cooking classes, and storytelling. With her years of experience, she can help you plan a fun and enriching destination event!

LGBT Weddings

Since the beginning of her rabbinate, Rabbi Wendy frequently led a prayer for marriage equality whenever she officiated at a wedding. That time has finally arrived in California on a permanent basis. What a blessing!

Judaism values family, and marriage facilitates the creation and growth of families. Our most well-known and well-loved Jewish stories are about families, and all the joy and messiness that comes with that. There is a sense of wholeness and belonging that comes with being a family, of being able to stand in front of one’s community and to ask for support as a family is created and begins a life journey together.

Whether you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or straight couple, it is a blessing to your community to be able to fulfill the mitzvah of rejoicing you as you officially become a family together. As a family, you extend the hospitality of your home and your hearts to include your loved ones. You will support each other in times of trouble, and celebrate each other in times of joy. You will create peace in your home day by day (shalom bayit), making it a refuge of comfort and warmth where you can renew and strengthen one another.

Nature Weddings

Many couples cherish a wedding experience outdoors. It is an opportunity to affirm the beauty of nature and your affinity with it. Jewish culture teaches that we, as human beings, are partners with the Eternal Spirit of the universe in renewing the beauty of creation day by day. How perfect, then, to hold a wedding ceremony in a natural environment.